Tutorial Completion

RocketMap’s tutorial completion for new accounts (includes getting accounts to level 2.)

This is a guide on how to complete the Pokémon Go tutorial steps and becoming level 2 on your accounts as fast as possible, so you can use -tut once on all accounts and disable it again afterwards.


  • We assume you are running a basic RocketMap installation. Using the hashing service with the latest API version will avoid accounts being flagged.
  • Create a config/config.tutorial.ini file by copying and renaming config/config.ini.example and make the following changes:
  • Config changes are:
    • Set location next to at least one known Pokestop, a cluster is preferred.
    • Set step distance to st: 1.
    • Set scan delay sd to a value which provides enough calls during the following set search time (a good value is around sd: 15 or lower).
    • Set the account search interval to approx. asi: 120.
    • Set the account rest interval as high as possible so all accounts get cycled and none return, a safe value is ari: 36000.
    • Set login delay to at least login-delay: 1 to avoid throttling.
  • Put the accounts that need to complete the tutorial and need to level up into your accounts.csv file.
  • Set up an instance with the following flags:
    • --complete-tutorial or just -tut
    • --config config/config.tutorial.ini or just -cf config/config.tutorial.ini to use a designated config file.
    • --accountcsv PATH/accounts.csv or just -ac PATH/accounts.csv
    • -w WORKER to set your simultaneously working accounts to a reasonable number, considering hash key limit and throttling. You can have at least 10 accounts running at the same time without any problems.
  • If you are not using fresh accounts and you are not using the hashing service, prepare for captchas. Set up your RocketMap accordingly.
  • Enable -v in process if you want to see the debug logs.
  • Let it run and your accounts will complete the tutorial and rise to level 2.