Community Tools

Some useful tools made by the community for the community


Java tool for creating PTC Accounts, based on Pallettown.

Used to generate any desired number of PTC accounts for use with RocketMap. Also allows for verification if you own your own domain.

Node.js CORS proxy server

A simple CORS proxy server that supports HTTP(S) request proxying.

This script allows you to verify accounts using a CORS proxy.

Note 1: HTTPS is required for use with the gmail verification script. Self-signed certificates work, but remember to add them to your trusted certificates on your OS.

Note 2: An update to the gmail verification script is planned to stay below the Google API limits (even if you refresh), retry on 503, automatically sleep when no proxies are available, and continue immediately when a proxy becomes available. For now, you’ll have to refresh yourself.

PGM Multi Loc

Easily visualize locations on a map before scanning, and generate a customized launch script.

Add multiple scan locations on the map. Automatically convert an area to a beehive. Resize and move the location on the map. Disable individual hives to stop scanning a specific location.

Generate a customized launch script, with the ability to edit the templates used for the individual commands. Pass in a list of account information that contains usernames, passwords, proxies, etc.


PokeAlarm is a third party extension for Rocket Map that allows you to receive customized notifications

You can setup notifications via Twitter, Facebook Pages, Discord, Pushbullet, Slack, Telegram, and Twilio.