Detailed Gym Data

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To collect all of the available information about gyms, you can enable gym info parsing.

Gym info parsing adds the gym’s name and a list of all the Pokemon currently in the gym to the GUI. However, this comes at a slight cost: An extra API call is made for each gym to be updated, which slows the overall scan speed. Gym information is parsed intelligently, and only updates if something about the gym has changed since it was last updated.

Enabling Gym Information Parsing

To enable gym parsing, run with the -gi argument:

python -gi

Or update your config.ini:

gym-info            # enables detailed gym info collection (default false)

Displaying the gym details sidebar in the front-end

To show the gym details sidebar on the front-end, -gi needs to be enabled on your webserver instance. To scan gyms for the gym details, -gi must also be enabled on your scanner instances.

New Webhook

When gym info parsing is enabled, gym details will be sent to webhooks. A sample webhook is below for reference:

    "message": {
        "id": "4b432a31c3c247e5b0f7656d09e2c050.11",
        "url": "",
        "name": "Graduate School of Public Health Sculpture",
        "description": "Sculpture on the exterior of the Graduate School of Public Health building.",
        "team": 1,
        "latitude": 40.442506,
        "longitude": -79.957962,
        "pokemon": [{
            "num_upgrades": 0,
            "move_1": 234,
            "move_2": 99,
            "additional_cp_multiplier": 0,
            "iv_defense": 11,
            "weight": 14.138585090637207,
            "pokemon_id": 63,
            "stamina_max": 46,
            "cp_multiplier": 0.39956727623939514,
            "height": 0.7160492539405823,
            "stamina": 46,
            "pokemon_uid": 9278614152997308833,
            "iv_attack": 12,
            "cp": 138,
            "iv_stamina": 8
        }, {
            "num_upgrades": 0,
            "move_1": 234,
            "move_2": 87,
            "additional_cp_multiplier": 0,
            "iv_defense": 12,
            "weight": 3.51259708404541,
            "pokemon_id": 36,
            "stamina_max": 250,
            "cp_multiplier": 0.6121572852134705,
            "height": 1.4966495037078857,
            "stamina": 250,
            "pokemon_uid": 6103380929145641793,
            "iv_attack": 5,
            "cp": 1353,
            "iv_stamina": 15
        }, {
            "num_upgrades": 9,
            "move_1": 224,
            "move_2": 32,
            "additional_cp_multiplier": 0.06381925195455551,
            "iv_defense": 13,
            "weight": 60.0,
            "pokemon_id": 31,
            "stamina_max": 252,
            "cp_multiplier": 0.5974000096321106,
            "height": 1.0611374378204346,
            "stamina": 252,
            "pokemon_uid": 3580711458547635980,
            "iv_attack": 10,
            "cp": 1670,
            "iv_stamina": 11
    "type": "gym_details"