Contributing to this Wiki


This article is about contributing pages and edits to this wiki. For contributing to the map itself see App Development.

You can fork this documentation from the main PokemonGo-Map github project and open pull requests for changes.

Adding or Editing Pages

A few guidlines to help keep things clean and organized...

Keep filenames short and to the point, for example: installation.rst

Always begin your new page with a title:

Awesome Wiki Page

Titles will be shown at the top of a page and in the site nagivation. A title should describe a page in a glance. The rest of the file is written in ReST structured text. Here is a cheatsheet for RST formatting.

Once done editing your page, add it under one of the toctree sections in index.rst.

Now to preview your changes, open a terminal, go into the docs directory and use make clean-auto auto. This will start a local webserver with live updates pages as you save them.

Finally, when you are finished, submit your changes as a Pull Request to be reviewed.