Community Tools

Some useful tools made by the community for the community

PTC Account Generator

An automation script that can create any number of Nintendo Pokémon Trainer Club accounts

Used to generate any desired number of PTC accounts - TOS verifies them and includes a google script that can be used to verify all the emails. Outputs generated account information in .csv format.

Cor3Zer0’s Map Calculator

Calculator that helps in the creation of PokemonGo Map

Used to calculate optimized flags for particular use cases given a set situation. Example: I have an ST of 7, a delay of 10, and need my scan to be around 100 seconds. How many accounts should I use?

HoneySpots - Easy Multi-account-Multi-location generator

Saves users a ton of tedious work - allows completely customized file generation and control.

Constantly in development - but allows the generation of a multi-worker .bat file with ease, along with custom flags. Can read account and location data right off a .csv file (no need to edit the files either - just set the right columns) and allows you to customize everything from the starting parameters to the naming of each instance through an easily configurable config.ini. Example: I need to search a few small areas very very quickly with accounts I’ve generated through the PTC Acc Gen Example: I have a list of locations and a list of accounts, but I don’t want to go through the tedium of having to create the .bat myself