Visual Representation

Get Ready

The beehive script works by specifying only the parameters that are different for each worker on the command line. All other parameters are taken from the config file.

To ensure that your beehive will run correctly, first make sure that you can run purely from the config file:


If this runs ok, you should be good to go!

Get Set

Open a Terminal or Command Window to the Tools / Hex Beehive Generator directory:

cd PokemonGo-Map/Tools/Hex-Beehive-Generator/

Now generate coordinates with

NOTE: Carefully read these instructions for the proper arguments.

python -st stepsize -lp ringsize -lat yourstartinglathere -lon yourstartinglonghere

For example:

python -st 5 -lp 4 -lat 39.949157 -lon -75.165297

This will generate a beehive.bat (or for non-Windows) file in the main map directory.


Run the .bat/.sh file to start the workers.


If your instances start but then immediately stop, take each line and run the part after /MIN starting with the python path. This will stop the window from automatically closing so that you can see what the actual error is.