Using Multiple Accounts

PokemonGo-Map supports using multiple accounts to run a worker with multiple threads.

Using Command Line Arguments:

To use multiple accounts when running from the command line, you must specify multiple -u and -p values.

Example: python -u thunderfox01 -u thunderfox02 -p thunderfox01 -p thunderfox02

If you have multiple accounts with the same password, you can specify one -p value. PokemonGo-Map will use the value for all specified accounts.

Example: python -u thunderfox01 -u thunderfox02 -p thunderfox

If you have multiple accounts with different auth services, you can specify multiple -a values.

Example: python -a ptc -a ptc -a google -u thunderfox01 -u thunderfox02 -u -p thunderfox01 -p thunderfox02 -p thunderfox03

Using config.ini

To use multiple accounts with config.ini, you must surround all the accounts and passwords in brackets [] and seperate them with a comma and space.


username: [thunderfox01, thunderfox02]
password: [password01, password02]

If you have multiple accounts with the same password, you can specify one password value similar to the command line.


username: [thunderfox01, thunderfox02]
password: password

If you have multiple accounts using Google and PTC, you can specify auth-service for each account.


auth-service: [ptc, ptc, google]
username: [thunderfox01, thunderfox02,]
password: [password01, password02, password03]

Using CSV file:

To use multiple accounts from a CSV file, you create a CSV file with the auth method, username and password on each line. Additional fields after the password are ignored.

CSV File Example:


Example: python -ac accounts.csv